By Catherine Fuentes
Updated September 10, 2010 at 10:37 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Valarie Jean/Getty ImagesThis sure has been an interesting summer to follow Amanda Bynes’ Twitter feed. In June, she announced her retirement from acting on her beloved Twitter account, and in July, she simply announced that she “unretired” from acting on her Twitter. In the few weeks in between, Amanda tweeted around the clock, making all her faithful followers believe that while she no longer loved acting enough to do it full-time, she certainly loved Twitter enough to pursue that full-time instead. It certainly was the summer of love for Amanda Bynes and her Twitter (cue Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson singing “Summer Lovin'” right about now).

So imagine my shock to see that Amanda deleted her @chicky Twitter account completely out of nowhere and without any fanfare. At least when Miley Cyrus retired from Twitter, she explained her reasoning to soften the blow a little. Where else will we learn the sordid details of her maybe-sorta relationship with Kid Cudi? Or follow the breaking news of her retirement-turned-unretirement-turned Easy A plug? Or read really awkward words of “wisdom”? I guess with tweeting out of her life, Amanda can focus all her energies on her acting, rather than finding the perfect emoticon to end all her tweets. I can only hope that this Twitter retirement provides ample time for her to film a sequel to Sydney White. And, much like her retirement from acting, I hope that this is similarly brief.

So while we can no longer mine Amanda’s Twitter archives for her pearls of wisdom and TMI overshares, we can still remember the good old days by watching this video of real New Yorkers reading some of her more head-scratching tweets.

How long do you think Amanda Bynes will remain retired from Twitter, PopWatchers?

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