By Missy Schwartz
Updated September 09, 2010 at 09:23 PM EDT

Calm down, spoiler-averse PopWatchers. Though the news is all across the Internet, I know how some of you react to information like this, so I won’t reveal anything until after the jump. In this space, I’ll simply say that this morning, at New York Fashion Week’s new Lincoln Center location, 10 designers from the eighth season of Project Runway showed collections at the finale taping. No, there aren’t 10 finalists this year. Like last season, the producers rounded up the six designers whom we fans at home have yet to see get kicked off as of this week’s episode. In other words, six decoys got to trot out their wares. I was there and enjoyed the whole shebang with varying degrees of enthusiasm. (American Idol champ Jordin Sparks sat right in front of me. The flashbulbs might have been for her, but they still blinded me.) Click ahead to find out who impressed and who played the role of celebrity guest judge.

That’d be Jessica Simpson (pictured, with the other judges, at left). I can’t say I’m a fan of her personal style, but she’s got a successful shoe line, and she’s much more credible

than last year’s C.G.J., Faith Hill. As for the collections, Michael D.’s and especially Ivy’s collections bored me. Gretchen’s was more of her sloppy, slouchy bohemian stuff. Christopher had some intriguing pieces and April had an interesting concept — dusty dolls at a tea party — though neither are my taste. A number of feathery looks in Michael C.‘s line seemed very on-trend (at least according to the Marie Claire I leafed through yesterday), while Andy’s models wore whimsical constellation headdresses. Casanova painted his gals’ faces with gold paint. Mondo and Valerie brought he most cuckoo and color, and for that, they get my vote. For now.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson as Runway‘s guest judge? Hey, at least she didn’t wear ill-fitting mom jeans! And what about Heidi’s tomato-red suit? Thumbs up or down?