September 09, 2010 at 07:15 PM EDT

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon has made it clear he’s always up for a good drinking game. Particularly beer pong — he’s challenged the likes of Betty White, Kate Hudson, and January Jones to the staple college party game.

But last night, Fallon and guest Elijah Wood, who’s out promoting his new movie The Romantics, introduced us to a whole new drinking game called Stump. Like all good drinking games, there really isn’t much a purpose except to promote drinking, drinking, and more drinking. And who doesn’t need that?

Here are the instructions: Flip a hammer in the air and (hopefully) catch it. Attempt to drive your opponent’s nail into the stump with one hit of the hammer. You get multiple hits for special air tricks. Try to be the first person to successfully nail the nail into the stump. Confused yet? You should just watch this video of Fallon and Wood playing Stump after the jump.

I’m completely intrigued. Am I the only person who wants to stop working right now and try it out? (I’m sure I could find a EW staffer to challenge!) But that brings me to the first potential problem with the game: Where does one find an appropriate stump? And most importantly, who thought of mixing hammers and drinking? This seems like it could be pretty disastrous. Or, you know, exponentially fun. I’ll let you decide.

Have you ever played Stump? If not, what’s your favorite drinking game? And props to Fallon and Wood for their use of helmets and protective glasses. Safety first, PopWatchers!!

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