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Question: Have you seen the House premiere? If so, thoughts? —Robin

Ausiello: Yes, I’ve seen it—it’s the reason this column arrived a little late. If you’re a Huddy fan, you’re going to swoon yourself silly. The Sept. 20 opener features the star-crossed lovers cuddling, bathing, massaging, champagne-toasting, and—of course—kissing. I think I counted a dozen smooches in the first 15 minutes alone. The episode will also answer the burning question “What does Hugh Laurie look like wearing nothing but a laptop?”

Question: Should we read anything into the fact that Chase is touching Thirteen’s shoulder in House‘s season 7 key art? —Nina

Ausiello: After watching the premiere, I would have to say HELL YES, YOU SHOULD.

Question: How does House’s team—specifically Chase, Taub, and Foreman—react to House and Cuddy being an item? —Brandon

Ausiello: To quote Dr. Crankenstein in episode 2, one is “in favor,” another is “indignant,” and a third is “indifferent.” Now head to the comments and match the adjective with the character! But first, repeat after me: “Games are fun.”

Question: Is the “S” on Lois’ chest in the Smallville picture you posted Photoshopped on, or is it on her in the actual episode? —Mike

Ausiello: It’s on her in the actual episode.

Question: I, for one, am pulling for Jennifer Morrison to get that role on How I Met Your Mother. When does the character first appear? Any scoop on the premiere? —Dave

Ausiello: Ted’s new love interest—who (BREAKING NEWS!!) will definitely be played by Morrison—is slated to show up in episode 5. As far as the premiere goes, it’s (a) very old-school HIMYM—i.e., ridiculously funny and incredibly moving—and (b) twisty as hell! I don’t think it’s giving anything away to say the biggest curveball involves the return of Rachel Bilson’s Cindy.

Question: Please give us scoop on the season finale of My Boys. Are we going to get any hope for P.J. and Brendo? —Funmi

Ausiello: That’s negatory. By the end of the Sept. 12 finale, P.J.’s in a pretty happy place with Bobby. The future is also looking bright for another Boys duo. Are those wedding bells I hear?

Question: How serious are things between Booth and that new girl on Bones? —Catelynn

Ausiello: That new girl has a name—Hannah. Show some respect. And to quote Booth in the Sept. 23 premiere, their relationship is “as serious as a heart attack.”

Question: So these new Bones promos have me super-excited for the new season (and more than a little bit heartbroken for Brennan), but I’m confused: Is Hannah going to show up in the premiere, or in episode 2? —Amy

Ausiello: You mean that new girl? She shows up in episode 2.

Question: Will we see more of Parker on Bones this season? —Brianna

Ausiello: Mini Booth actually plays a pivotal role in the opener, as he’s essentially the reason Big Booth returns home from Afghanistan. (And yes, you will actually see him.)

Question: Got a Bones scoop? I’m such a good girl. —Galle

Ausiello: My fave moment from the premiere involves Brennan and Daisy channeling their inner action heroines—well, it involves Brennan channeling her inner action heroine while Daisy suffers a series of mini strokes on the sidelines.

Question: We haven’t gotten any Fringe intel in forever. Please say you have some! —Jennifer

Ausiello: I have some!

Question: Any news on what will happen to Castiel on Supernatural this season? —Minha

Ausiello: This season’s first two episodes will be Cas-free, but the full-powered angel returns in spectacular fashion in week 3. “Let’s just say some angels show up that are not so happy,” teases exec producer Sera Gamble. “Cas and an angel go through a window at one point, and the result is not pretty. It’s a pretty spectacular stunt.”

Question: You’ve given us great scoop about the final (shed a tear) season of Friday Night Lights, but one thing remains unanswered: Are we going to be lucky enough to have Minka Kelly return for a few episodes? Riggins putting her on the bus with a soulful “Goodbye, Lyla Garrity” is not enough closure for me. —Becky

Ausiello: Well, it was enough closure for exec producer Jason Katims—and he’s the boss! “I thought her final episode was so powerful,” says Katims. “We talked about bringing her back, but I didn’t really feel like anything we came up with beat the [Tim-Lyla] story in that episode, which I thought was really poignant. It wasn’t a happy ending, but it was a really satisfying ending for me. It was a satisfying resolution to that story line.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on that proposed Heroes telefilm to wrap up loose ends from last season? —Josh

Ausiello: THIS JUST IN: Production on the Heroes reunion pic will officially get under way…probably never.

Question: Give a Blair fan one reason to watch Gossip Girl this season! —Karen

Ausiello: The train-station-set reunion scene between Chuck and Blair at the end of episode 2 is stunningly shot and impeccably acted by Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester. Need another reason? ‘Cause I got a ton!

Question: Gossip Girl scoop? —Lisa

Ausiello: By the end of the second episode, the question you (and everyone else) will be asking yourself is “Who the hell did Serena piss off?”

Question: Please tell me Mozzie is not dead on White Collar! —Vin

Ausiello: Mozzie is probably most likely not dead.

Question: Glee returns in two weeks! Got anything new? —Timothy

Ausiello: The show wastes no time showing off Chord Overstreet’s, um, impressive body of work. When we first meet his possibly gay football-jock character, Sam, in the premiere, he’s in the shower singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” For his part, Chris Colfer believes that scene is proof positive that Sam will not turn out to be Kurt’s BF. “After seeing the episode, I feel like it’s not going to happen because all the girls are going to fall in love with him and they’re not going to want to see [him with Kurt],” he says. “And I don’t want to be the guy girls hate. I’m the gay guy the girls love. I don’t want to become the target. I don’t want the letters that say, ‘Kurt needs to get off our man. Stop kissing our boyfriend.’ Young girls can be vicious. I don’t want to know how Kristen Stewart feels. I don’t want to be the Bella of the Glee world. I like being the guy everyone likes.” Colfer adds that there’s no sign of romantic tension between Sam and Kurt in the first four episodes. “Maybe it is too obvious,” he theorizes. “Our writers have a way of avoiding the obvious and throwing curveballs.” BONUS GLEE SCOOP: Someone’s going to the slammer!

Question: I heard a rumor that Terri will date Principal Figgins on Glee this season. Please say it’s not true. Team Twill FTW! —Rion

Ausiello: According to Terri’s portrayer, Jessalyn Gilsig, it’s “definitely not” true. Gilsig does confirm that the former Mrs. Schuester will “get into a relationship of some kind that brings her around the glee club and the school, but I’m not at liberty to say who.” Guesses? Hit the comments! More fun games!

Question: How’s about serving up a steamy hot dish of Burn Notice scoop? That finale really burned me up. I’ll stop with the puns now. —Hope

Ausiello: The following scoop is rated S and RH for Sizzling and Red-Hot: A major character will be killed off during the show’s fall run.

Question: I am eagerly anticipating your handy-dandy Fall TV Show Premiere cheat sheet! —Traci

Ausiello: And I’m anticipating the day you actually start reading my blog. I posted it two weeks ago. Sigh

Question: I’m dying for anything you can dig up on Pretty Little Liars. —Jared

Ausiello: Ian Harding (hottie English teach Mr. Fitz) just got his hands on the script for the first episode back in January, and he offered this tease: “They’re not wasting any time with some reveals and secrets and juiciness.”

Question: I have not seen anything on season 2 of Justified. Got any scoop on that? —Carolyn

Ausiello: Production resumes in mid-October, and newly minted series regular Walton Goggins tells me “the pendulum will swing in a completely different direction for Boyd, and religion may receive his ire. He may become an agnostic vigilante, [but] I won’t say against who.”

Question: It’s less than a week until Life Unexpected returns. Surely you have scoop! —Laura

Ausiello: The three new characters I told you about previously are introduced in the Sept. 14 premiere, and one of them has a not-so-surprising connection to a main character. Bonus scoop: Bug and Lux consider taking a big step forward in their relationship, but something happens to trip them up.

Question: Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey were shooting a Grey’s Anatomy scene at the courthouse! Please, Ausiello, tell us if Mer-Der are going to make that Post-it legal! —Amber

Ausiello: A Grey’s insider confirms to me exclusively that you’re as high as a kite.

Question: I’m pulling overnight shifts, so I think in all fairness you should give some Parenthood spoilers, please. —Amanda

Ausiello: Lauren Graham’s Sarah will be caught in a workplace love triangle with a hunky blue-collar forklift operator (True Blood‘s Kevin Alejandro) and Adam’s wealthy white-collar business partner (Billy Baldwin). “She has to make a choice between the two of us,” says Alejandro, before adding with a laugh, “Does she want money or just rugged good looks?”

Question: Can I get a Mad Men spoiler? —Derek

Ausiello: Assuming he submits last week’s flawlessly written and acted Don-and-Peggy-centric episode, Jon Hamm will be the first Mad thesp to win an Emmy next year, beating out fellow nominees Kyle Chandler, Steve Buscemi, Hugh Laurie, Michael C. Hall, and Peter Krause. Mark my words.

Question: I may have to go all Russell Edgington on somebody if I don’t get some more True Blood finale scoop. —Sara

Ausiello: This is sort of finale-related: Season 4 will pick up immediately where season 3 left off.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Sandra Gonzalez and Carrie Bell)

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