Image Credit: Everett CollectionWe all remember our first love. Mine was particularly memorable because it was very obviously one-sided. He was cute. He was funny. He was perfect. SIGH. And I got to see him once a week…on ABC. And therein lies the problem. I was crushing on Randy from the hit series Home Improvement. Yeah, I’d never met him (minor details, people!) but he was still the man of my house. To solidify my love, I owned and re-read one of those tween photo books full of classy shots of JTT looking pretty fine. I’m sure I still have it somewhere in my childhood home.

Spoiler alert: We didn’t work out. But I’ve grown up since then, and so has he! Today, Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns 29. So happy birthday, JTT! (Makes you feel old, right?)

To celebrate his day of birth, I bring to your attention of my favorite JTT roles:

  • Randy Taylor is obviously his best-known character. Each week we got to see the smart, funny Randy deal with the hardships of being the middle child. He might have been the second-born Taylor son, but he was always No. 1 in my heart.
  • JTT gave a voice to young Simba in 1994’s The Lion King. I couldn’t wait for him to be king either. Unfortunately, that meant a voice change from JTT to Matthew Broderick. Still, Thomas made his mark on the Disney classic.
  • He’s a real boy! JTT brought puppet to life as Pinocchio in the The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996).
  • And in 1997, Thomas took us on a ride to the wild side with the movie Wild America. This time he was the youngest (but still cutest) of three brothers.

What’s your favorite JTT role, PopWatchers? And know he turns 29 today, what other ’90s stars are you nostalgic for?