By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated September 08, 2010 at 10:29 PM EDT

Guy Ritchie helped launch the whole famous-directors-do-big-budget-advertising trend with his awesome 2001 BMW short The Hire (in which Clive Owen took Ritchie’s ex-wife, Madonna, for a bouncy high-speed ride in an BMW M5). Now that Ritchie has some down time between Sherlock Holmes films, he’s returned to the genre, hawking high-end aftershave with a five-minute movie for Dior Homme.

This new short stars Jude Law engaged in what appears to be some sort of kinky role-playing sex game with a girlfriend (Slovak model Michaela Kocianova). “You know who I am,” Law growls into an antique phone as Kocianova helps him slip into his trousers and shoes (Dior formal wear, natch). “I know who you are. You know where I’ve been. I know where you’ve been….” The dialogue doesn’t get much more scintillating than that — and it’s never quite clear who Law is talking to — and then Law jumps into a vintage roadster and speeds off to the Eifel Tower. Watch it below:

I dunno, Popwatchers. I’m a huge Guy Ritchie fan. I even liked Revolver. But I’m scratching my head over this one. One theory: This is Guy Ritchie doing a parody of Guy Ritchie doing a perfume commercial. Another: He needed the money. But, more importantly, what do you guys think?