Somebody had to keep all those Muppets, lobsters, and sparkly armadillos company. And now Gaga’s closet menagerie has a new edition: Little Monsters, meet the meat bikini.

Vogue Hommes Japan—in the same issue which featured the Lady’s alleged male alter ego, Jo Calderone—trades in the cover-photo drag for dead cow in a Terry Richardson spread that, not surprisingly, has already upset at least one animal-rights group.

I’m more disappointed that Richardson is jacking wardrobe ideas from America’s Next Top Model, circa Cycle 10. Then again, Tyra and the Jays were hardly the first Mensa minds to explore the abattoir-couture concept. And everything Gaga touches does seem to be made new, at least temporarily, by the sheer reflective glow of her outsized celebrity.

But is it art, or just bad barbecue? And are there still new places for Gaga to go, fashion-wise, or has she finally hit a sartorial wall? Tell us, readers, in the comments below.

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