Wondering what’s up with today’s Google homepage? Well, join the club. The nerd club! We take turns bringing bagels and asking questions.

So far, Google’s been mum on why their homepage is featuring, er, mouse-avoiding balls,* saying only that it’s “fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be.” Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with Google’s big media event tomorrow, where the company’s going to unveil their “latest technological innovation.” I hope it’s called Google Balls. I don’t care what it does, just please lord, let it be called Google Balls.

Other theories are that it’s a celebration of JavaScript, even though Google spokesfolk said it had nothing to do with a birthday.

Get out your Fox Mulder costumes, PopWatchers: What’s behind the Great Google Bouncy Ball design of 2010?!

* Thanks, parents, for making sure I got a good education so that someday I could type the phrase “mouse-avoiding balls” as the way to pay my rent. Stay in school, kids.