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Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCThings obviously got very interesting very quickly this episode. You could hear a pin drop when I walked in and dropped the bomb on the cast that three girls would be going home immediately. Remember, I told them the first day we moved in that this moment would be coming. I’m not sure if they forgot, or just didn’t see it coming, but they were all caught by surprise.

One of the more interesting things for me in hosting a new show like Bachelor Pad is being able to keep the contestants guessing. All these people really thought they had a handle on how this game would go, but they quickly realized they signed up for something that’s never been done before, and that meant there really wasn’t a blueprint on how to play.

The elimination that sent Nikki, Gwen, and Ashley home went exactly as we all expected. The couples stayed together, and Jesse B and Peyton and Dave and Natalie paired up. I know the women who went home were disappointed, but they have absolutely nobody to blame but themselves. They had the numbers and the strategy that could have easily changed the dynamic in the house, but time and time again they fell on their own swords and let the strongest couples remain. From day one, in fact, the couples dictated what’s been happening in this house, and despite constant scheming and strategizing, the “outsiders” have been played over and over again. Each rose ceremony, the disappointed evictees warn the remaining players to watch out for the power couples and to take down the “cool kids,” but week after week we see people not being able to be strong enough to pull the trigger or just flat out being played and deceived. Ashley even said herself on the way home she was at such a disadvantage. What? This is a train you could see coming a mile down the tracks; you can’t be surprised when it finally runs you over.

Lets talk about the couples that are left. Tenley said, “kissing Kiptyn is fun and Kiptyn is fun.” Need I say more? Wait there is more! She named themselves Kip-Ten. They already look like an old married couple to me, and I mean that in a good way. I’m not sure what to think about Kovacs and Elizabeth. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are they hot or do you worry a bunny is going to end up on the boiler? I’d like to thank Jesse for delivering the best line of the week: “If a girl catches a bad case of Kovacs, so be it.” With lines like that, what girl couldn’t?

Dave and Natalie seem like a couple of convenience. I’m not sure this is something that’s made to last or made to play the game. With that said, that moment where Dave was talking to Natalie about his dad was as emotional as we’ve ever had. You watch these people on TV and think you know a little something about them. When you see moments like that, you realize you don’t know much at all.

I’m pretty sure Jesse B and Peyton are my favorite dysfunctional couple of all time. I know they’re just friends, but I could watch and listen to them all day. They crack me up. Once I explained to the couples that they would be voting individually, I really thought that the group would try to get rid of Kovacs and Elizabeth. But once again the schemes and strategies fell apart when it really mattered. It was good to see Tenley getting into it and trying to play the game for herself.

The guys seem to be dictating to the women what’s going to happen. If things are ever going to change, the women will have to turn the tide and take control of the vote and the game. Peyton and Jesse B put up a good fight and almost pulled off the miracle, but in the end they were sent home. I’ve seen both of them since the show, and you’ll be happy to know Jesse is still sticking his finger in Peyton’s ear. He’s so romantic.

You got a glimpse on the previews that next week’s challenge — the one that will help determine the final four — will involve ballroom dancing. Each couple got to learn from the best: pro dancers from Dancing With The Stars. Just wait till you see the judges’ panel! Then everybody returns for a reunion that should be incredibly interesting. Now that everybody has been able to see and hear everything that has gone on, I’m sure there are some questions to be answered. Also on that special, in front of a live studio audience, we will determine the first winner of Bachelor Pad. Between now and then leave me your comments below, and as always you can find me on Facebook and Twitter @chrisbharrison.

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