Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Image Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesBetty White is funny. Betty White is adorable. Betty White is the last survivor of a race of Egyptian space gods, sent to Earth to save humanity through laughter. That last one’s not true, but it feels true, doesn’t it? White has dominated the mediascape this year like no one else — starring in a great Super Bowl commercial, hosting a great episode of Saturday Night Live, making awards shows compulsively watchable just on the slight chance that she’ll make an appearance. And now, her dominance is extending to the printed page: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bluewater Productions will publish a comic book based on her life. It’s the latest in a series of Great Woman comic bios. (Other issues have been written about Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Obama, so expect the comic to be a shameless cash-in on its subject’s current popularity interesting.)

PopWatchers, will you buy a Betty White comic book? Were you expecting that they’d go a bit more comic-booky, and give the comedienne superpowers? And can’t you just smell the spin-offs? Betty White Origins: First Class! Crisis on Infinite Betty Whites! Betty White: 2099!