The video for Kylie Minogue’s newest single, “Get Outta My Way,” just hit her website, and—shocker, surprise!—it’s super gay fabulous!

Well, maybe not as super gay fabulous as that luscious, nekkid video for Aphrodite‘s first single “All the Lovers,” but this one features lots of bare-chested boys, too. What I love most about what Kylie has done here with “Get Outta My Way”—which, I’ve been advocating to become a big hit for a while now—is that there’s absolutely no plot to it. It’s literally just a super-hot Kylie dancing and writhing around on the floor, wearing an endless array of fabulous outfits (and a set of amazingly long red nails that I’m jealous of), and being generally beautiful.

To put it simply, it’s a video that just makes you smile. You don’t have to decipher or, as with Lady Gaga’s weird masterpieces, try to figure out what’s happening. “Get Outta My Way” is just telling you to do one thing: Dance! See if you agree with me by checking it out here:

Are you ready to writhe, Kylie-style, Music Mixers?

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