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I’m not sure which house had more drama this week — the jury house or the Big Brother house?

We witnessed some serious fireworks at the jury house when Matt came clean and told Kathy, Brendon and Rachel that his wife isn’t really sick. I’m not sure why he decided to come clean at this time as he could have easily waited till after the show or even dropped that bomb during the finale. Whatever his reasoning, I haven’t seen that many jaws on the floor in some time. It almost seemed as if Matt was harboring some guilt for that lie and needed to put it all on the table.

What do you think? Was it a questionable strategy on Matt’s behalf or would you employ similar tactics during the game to advance further? Tell me below!

Ragan put up a valiant effort to manipulate votes from Lane and Britney this week, but in the end the loyalty of the “Brigade” was simply too strong. However, he seemed to be in fairly good spirits after the show considering he was just ousted. He departed the house still suspicious of an all-male alliance consisting of Lane, Enzo and Hayden — and he assumed his BFF Matt was also associated with them in some capacity.

Looking ahead — this is typically the point in the game when strategy switches from survival mode to collecting votes from the jury members. I’m not sure Lane is making the wisest decision by choosing to align himself with Britney en route to the finale. I know she supposedly doesn’t have many friends in the jury house, but someone like Britney could always garner those “perseverance” votes. Of the remaining four, she has clearly had to claw her way to this point in the game, while the three “Brigade” members have essentially relied on outnumbering their competition. If I’m in the jury house, I might admire that perseverance.

If Lane and Enzo make it to the final two, who do you think deserves it more? Tell me below. Both have played fairly conservative games, flying under the radar from day one.

At this point it’s hard to predict who has set themselves up best among the jury members to win their votes. It’s a toss up for me…


* The endless dance-a-thon that took place in the house courtesy of Pandora ‘s Box might be one of the most clever punishments Big Brother has ever devised. I call for that to be a permanent rule inside the house – whenever Houseguests hear music they are required to break into dance. Unless we have to watch Hayden dance.

* Kudos to Enzo for out lasting the Big Brother “costume curse” – and for finally winning a competition. Good timing.

* I know I’ve been predicting the imminent demise of the “Brigade,” but I must give credit where credit is due. They’ve advanced to the final two weeks of the game with only one casualty to date and those are numbers you simply can’t argue. They aligned early and stayed strong throughout.

* Is it just me or does it seem that the Houseguest’s final pleas during our LIVE eviction shows are growing increasingly warm and fuzzy? I’m not sure that I could muster up the phrase “I love all of you” as they’re ripping $500,000 from my pocket.


* I selected this as the quote of the season (up to this point) as it so clearly reflects the personality of the person delivering the line.

* Enzo regarding his lifestyle in the house: “I only took three naps today.”

Just a reminder to everyone that our schedule is a little different next week – eviction show on Wednesday night (Final 3 will be revealed) and as always a LIVE show on Thursday, but no eviction. And for all you crazy “zingbot” fans out there…I was just told EW will have an interview with the infamous “Zingbot” during finale week. Stay tuned for that…till next week.

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