Edie Falco, ''Burlesque,'' and Lindsay Lohan made pop culture news this week

By EW Staff
Updated September 03, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

· The cerulean warbler — about to become the most famous bird in the world thanks to Jonathan Franzen’s new book, Freedom
· Who’s awesome? Raise your hand, Edie Falco!
· ”Ladies, there’s a new Housewife in town.” Her name isn’t Wilhelmina Slater, but it might as well be.
· Bradley Cooper and Ryan Reynolds to costar in new movie. Suggested title: Abs-olutely Fabulous.
· The only change we want Modern Family to make in season 2: More George Clooney
· 9021 OMG, Jessica Lowndes is hot.

· Things we’ll never forget: our first kiss, our best birthday, the sight of Lindsay Lohan in a nun’s habit pointing a gun at Robert De Niro in Machete
· Who just endorsed a line of paint? Raise your hand, Claire Danes!
· Beehives at the Emmys: Lo Bosworth, Mindy Kaling, Rita Wilson, Naya Rivera
· Could Mariah’s uterus get a little privacy, please? Thanks!
· Burlesque: What every gay man in the world will be watching on Thanksgiving
· Florence Henderson: Here’s the story. Of a dancing Brady. Who was vying for a disco-ball trophy.

· Paris Hilton claims that the cocaine allegedly found in her purse is gum. Was she chewing some ”gum” when she came up with that line?
· Double dips we hate: the George Costanza variety, recessions
· Hey, The Last Exorcism! Rosemary’s Blair Witch Baby wants its ending back.
· Snooki’s boyfriend proposes marriage on cover of magazine. ”That’s tacky,” says Ronnie, while making out with three girls dressed in pleather.
· A new study says that Facebook use encourages narcissism. Bullseye doesn’t care as long as it looks skinny in its profile picture!