Image Credit: Stephen VaughanThink the Oscars are a little too touchy-feely? Maybe Spike TV’s Scream Awards (airing Oct. 19) are more your speed: The genre-loving kudofest, now in its fifth year, honors the best and badass-est sci-fi, horror, fantasy and comic book entertainment — basically anything geek-tested and fanboy-approved. And don’t expect winners to thank the Academy; they’ll owe their statues to votes from web surfers like you on the show’s site.

This year’s top nominee is Inception, which leads the pack with 15 nods including Fight Scene of the Year (for that brain-melting zero-g ballet), Best Ensemble, and Ultimate Scream, where it faces stiff competition from the likes of Twilight: Eclipse, True Blood, and Avatar. Then there’s our personal favorite category, Holy Sh*t! Scene of the Year, whose illustrious nominees include “Dren mates with Clive, Splice” (if you saw the movie, you probably just got chills reading that) and “Damon McReady Shoots Little Daughter Mindy in Chest, Kick-Ass.” You won’t see those at The Golden Globes, that’s for sure.

The awards don’t get passed out until next month, but vote now and tell us how you picked your winners in the comments below!

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