By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated September 02, 2010 at 01:00 PM EDT

A storms a-brewin’, PopWatchers! The Category 4 unsexy beast goes by the name Earl, and he’s headed to a coast hopefully not near you. The latest projected path has the little bastard ruining weekends along the coast from North Carolina to Maine, according to reports.

For our Boredom Forecast, I’ll toss to, well, me again. Unfortunately, most people will have to nix all planned outdoor activities (sans hurricane streaking!) due to the weather. Conditions are looking even worse if you end up being among the unlucky without power. As you’re probably well aware, no TV and no computer make PopWatchers go something something. That’s why proper precautions must be taken.

I recommend keeping the Friends Ultimate Trivia Game next to your batteries, canned goods, first aid supplies, and tequila. If you do not like Friends, get out of here now try the Saved By the Bell game. I don’t own it, but the tagline says: “Go on a different perfect date every time you play.” I like those odds. Just don’t waste your time trying to save the Backstreet Boys Around the World game from any rising waters. I own two (one for playing, one for preserving, duh!), and I wish I hadn’t lost my receipt in 2006.

Your turn. When the power goes out, all the books are read, and you need a pop culture fix, what pop culture-themed board game are you reaching for? Which ones do you own but are so bad they’re not worth selling on eBay?

This has been your PopWatch Weather report. For more, follow @EWSandra. And, in all seriousness, be safe.