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Updated September 02, 2010 at 03:46 PM EDT
Credit: Munica Imbuseiro/Globo/Getty Images
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Image Credit: Munica Imbuseiro/Globo/Getty ImagesGuns N’ Roses walked off the stage at their show in Dublin, Ireland, last night after plastic bottles were thrown at the band, according to the BBC. Axl Rose halted the performance—which began nearly an hour late—during the intro to “Welcome to the Jungle.” “Here’s the deal,” the singer announced. “One more bottle and we go home.” Apparently, at least one more bottle was thrown from the audience, and the band departed the stage soon after. An hour later, Rose and crew returned and completed their set.

A joint statement was subsequently issued by the show’s promoters and the venue which apologized for the delayed start, but which also insisted that, “No artist should be subjected to missiles and unknown substances being thrown at them.” (FYI: If I was betting man—and I am—and a veteran of rowdy crowd-filled shows—which I also am—my guess would be that at least one of those unknown substances was urine.)

Axl Rose hasn’t had the happiest time during the band’s current run of shows across the Atlantic. On Sunday, the band played a curtailed set at the U.K.’s Leeds Festival, where they also began performing late.

“We would like to play a few more songs for you tonight,” Rose told the Leeds audience, according to the NME. “But someone is telling us the show’s over. This war ain’t over yet.” The singer subsequently told the crowd, “Be safe getting out of here. And for the problems with the promoters, f— you.”

You can check out fan footage from the Dublin show after the jump—be warned, it contains some salty language.

What do you think of Mr Rose’s behavior? And is the crowd really boo-ing the band in the clip, or just marking its love for Mr Burns from The Simpsons (I’ve also embedded video that hopefully makes sense of that comment after the jump).

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