It’s September 2, 2010: 9/02/10. If you can’t attend the party in Beverly Hills to “celebrate the city with the zip” — hosted by Larry King, headlined by Natasha Bedingfield, and accompanied by the three-day Taste of Beverly Hills food and wine festival — celebrate 90210 Day with the rest of us, who only know the zip code thanks to Aaron Spelling and have already done a double fist pump in Jason Priestley’s honor. We suggest reading our oral history of Beverly Hills, 90210 published on the eve of its finale in 2000. Among the things you will learn: The pilot script was originally titled Class of Beverly Hills, which means we almost didn’t have this excuse to spend the morning YouTubing clips from the show 20 years after its premiere; at the height of the show’s success, Brian Austin Green used the name “Heywood Jablowmi” at hotels; and denying your love for this show is futile. “Once Jennie and I went to Vegas, and this girl who’d been drinking a heapload of alcohol attacked us and said we had the worst show and she hated us,” Tiffani-Amber Thiessen recalled. “We said, ‘You must be watching it because you know who we are.’ She actually apologized: ‘Yeah, I do love you, I’m sorry!’ She was just embarrassed that she actually watched the show for so many years.”

If you could watch any episode right now, which would you choose?

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