By Margaret Lyons
Updated September 01, 2010 at 03:24 PM EDT
Credit: Patrick Wymore/ABC Family

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/ABC Family Record 20836728Make It or Break It finished off its second season last night with a finale that just had a little too much going on. I like the clash of earnestness and soapiness as much as the next ABC Family devotee, but: A girl being arrested during her major gymnastics meet and being taken into police custody while in just a leotard? A star athlete collapsing on the beam — due to her newly established anorexia — only to have her love interest race to the mat just in time to catch her? The bitchy girl having a breakdown just before her event, so her dad comes onto the mat and they have a heart to heart about her mommy/abandonment issues? Too much, MIoBI! Pick one of these.

My vote would actually be to pick none of these and instead focus on relationships instead of Big Huge Things. I like just about every character on the show, but the only one who seems to affect any others is Lauren The Mega Mean Girl, and her constant, unrelenting bitchiness is just too much. I want more of a “we’re all in this together” vibe! (And also for the show to seriously cool it on the Christian moralizing.)

Complaints aside, I can’t wait for Make It or Break It to come back for a third season. Especially if Bela Karolyi can return, too, as Sasha’s tough-love papa.

What did you think of this season, PopWatchers? Were you bugged that Peyson’s new floor routine didn’t seem to include any gymnastics at all? Are you jealous of Lauren’s amazing hairdos, but tired of her being such a hosebeast? Is Emily ever going to catch a break or what?