Robot Chicken Emmy winners Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are tackling reality TV — on the Internet. They’ve created ControlTV, a show that will follow six weeks in the life of a man in his twenties, as the audience votes, in real time, on decisions in his life — from what he wears and eats, to where he works, to who he dates. The show, which will begin production in Los Angeles this fall, will be distributed by DBG ( The highlights of each day’s action will be edited into a webisode, concluding with a vote. The series has partnered with Ford and Sprint, so the Man Puppet (our term) will drive a 2011 Ford Fiesta and use Sprint’s new HTC EVO4G phone. (I’m surprisingly okay with product tie-ins when the whole point of a show is manipulation. But I stand behind my tweet last night after a certain scripted series on USA: “For every BMW/Bud Light product placement shot on Covert Affairs, I’d like an Auggie sex scene.”)

What do you think about ControlTV? I trust Green and Senreich to make this moving Choose Your Own Adventure book fun. And they appear to have aligned themselves with the right people, who will serve as fellow exec producers: Richard Saperstein, former president of Dimension Films; Bachelor director Ken Fuchs; award-winning commercial director Stephen Kessler; and interactive technology expert Craig Ullman. Will you play?