By Kate Ward
Updated September 01, 2010 at 03:41 PM EDT
Jay Brady/Everett Collection

Image Credit: Jay Brady/Everett CollectionJust two short months before the premiere of Conan O’Brien’s new TBS late night show, the former Tonight Show host has finally announced the name. After leaving fans and industry folk alike wondering for weeks months, O’Brien revealed in a YouTube video released this morning that the name of his program will be Conan. Or Conaw? Doesn’t matter — you choose. It’s cable — anything goes!

So it looks like O’Brien’s keeping it simple. But, then again, Conan slips off the tongue much better than The Masturbating Happy Bear Hour. (Because you know we’ll be picketing if the character doesn’t make it onto O’Brien’s new show…screw any legal rules barring Conan from bring along his Late Night characters!) Watch the late night talk show host’s video after the jump!