By Tanner Stransky
Updated September 01, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSIf any casual TV-watching viewer who doesn’t usually watch Big Brother tuned into tonight’s episode of CBS’ reality weirdfest, they’d probably be speechless—sock puppets and random, unannounced dance parties? Really? Oh yah, and there was a clam named Otev (that’s “veto” cleverly spelled backward, for the uninitiated) who sang Broadway-ish tunes, too! It was, without a doubt, a very bizarre night in the Big Brother house. (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode.)

The wackiness began right from the beginning. To launch the wacky evening, the remaining House Guests—that’s Britney, Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Ragan—had a ceremony to basically “evict” the penguin suit that Enzo had been wearing for that last while. And, honestly, that wasn’t even weird after the rest of the hour unfolded. The Veto Competition followed, and that’s where the classy, show tune singing clam Otev came into play. The House Guests were challenged to, after hearing a song sung by Otev with mashed-up lyrics about two evicted House Guests, to find a CD with a hybrid song name that featured both House Guests from the song. Get it? So that’d be CDs with songs like “Monett” (Monet and Matt) or “Mathy” (Matt and Kathy).

The twist here? Enzo finally won a competition! After a very heated battled with Ragan. Which means that, of course, Enzo took himself off the block. “That,” Lane said, of Enzo’s zealous dive for the final CD, which knocked Ragan out of the way, “made up for any loss you had all season.” And, really, it was quite the win for Enzo. The Meow Meow, naturally, had lots of great sound bites about his win: “Papa got the bling-bling!” he shouted, before adding: “Now the Meow Meow starts to play!” Well, then, welcome to game, Enzo. Finally! Ragan, defeated and sure to stay on the block, sulked.

And if the Veto Competition weren’t crazy enough, that’s when all the real ridiculata of the evening began. You see, the house had two punishments left for when Lane opened Pandora’s Box. First up: The House Guest had to speak exclusively using sock puppets for 12 hours. There was a moment where Ragan sulked to himself, yet again, with his sock puppet that was just…beyond. Yah, we’ll go with beyond. (Pathetic is more like it.) The second punishment? Random dance parties! Whenever music came on in the house, day or night, the House Guests had to stop whatever they were doing and dance until the music stopped. All that proved one thing: No one currently in the Big Brother house can really dance. (Where’s Rachel when you need her?) Actually, Enzo was probably the best groover, but Lane and Hayden? Even the boys on Jersey Shore could show up them up with their fist pumping any day.

And, finally, after almost an hour of silliness, we got the Veto Meeting, but it was no surprise: Enzo used the Power of Veto to take himself off the block. And Lane decided to spare his current squeeze Britney and throw Hayden up for eviction. Not that it really matters, right? We all pretty much know that Ragan is probably going home tomorrow. He’s got no friends in the house—except for, of course, that sock puppet.

Do you agree? Is Ragan getting evicted tomorrow? Or could there be a twist of fate that sees Hayden head to the Jury House? Did your head explode at the level of crazy that transpired in the house tonight?

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