By Archana Ram
Updated August 31, 2010 at 06:45 PM EDT

Just as you were beginning to breathe again after last night’s out-of-control Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Bravo is ready to show you more of the weird, wild, trainwreck-y world of rich women. Today, the network announced they’d be adding to their successful franchise with a fresh slate of financially, genetically, sometimes surgically blessed woman in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Bravo, Oct. 14, 9 p.m.).

It’s their first foray into the land of celebrity, so it’s no surprise that more than a few of the cast members have a Hollywood connection. Let’s have a closer look at what we’re dealing with here, shall we? Check out a preview of the season and more details on the cast below.

Taylor Armstrong, an Oklahoma native who now runs a consulting firm. She may dote on her 4-year-old daughter with lavish $50,000 birthday parties, but it looks like her marriage is on the rocks. As for appearances (how can we talk about Beverly Hills and not talk about appearances?), besides looking like the O.C.‘s now former cast member Lauri, Taylor seems to have remnants of the small town vibe, too. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to throw a few punches.

Camille Grammer, soon to be ex-wife of actor Kelsey. She vows to not speak of her divorce (good luck with that) and explains it’s all about being a mother for her. Snooze, but at least we get footage from her appearance on the red carpet with Kelsey at the Tony Awards. Her undying love for her kids has a trace of The O.C.’s Vicki, while her tabletop dancing screams New Jersey‘s Danielle. She seems most likely to release a pop single. God Andy Cohen, save us!

Lisa Vanderpump, a British designer and restaurant owner who lived in the South of France before moving to BHills five years ago. She wears a lot of pink, which doesn’t bode well for our stomachs. She also spends every night in bed with her dog, which doesn’t bode well for her husband of 29 years. And though the Brit may share a motherland with D.C.‘s Kat, Vanderpump’s tongue seems more sweet than sour.

Kyle Richards, a former child star-turned-mother of four. An aunt to Paris Hilton, Kyle admits to having a slight case of OCD and being addicted to the Real Housewives series. She’s friends with New York‘s Bethenny, which is probably the source of her no-nonsense attitude. But her seemingly natural ability to stir up trouble screams fellow New Yorker Ramona.

Kim Richards, a former child star-turned-mother of four. Sound familiar? She’s Kyle’s sister who retired from show business (after 17 Disney movies, among other work) and decided to do Housewives because niece Paris had “so much fun” on The Simple Life. Though there are family ties in this cast, these sisters are definitely not “thick as thieves.”

Adrienne Maloof, part-owner of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Resort in Las Vegas. The Albuquerque-raised Adrienne is on a mission to show viewers just how down-to-earth the women of BHills are — when they’re not getting Botox injections, of course. Think of her as a mixture of New York‘s Bethenny and the O.C.‘s Vicki for her business drive, with a dash of New Jersey‘s Caroline for the Mother Hen vibe.

What do you think of the cast? Are you looking forward to a new city and new shenanigans?