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Image Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Before we get into the tears and drama of the Pad I want to first thank you for watching our new show and making it a success. I also want to thank those of you that joined me Sunday on the Emmy red carpet on TV Guide Network. (While I’m thanking people, a quick shout out to Chris Lambton, Jesse B., and Peyton for joining me last week in North Carolina and helping raise money for cancer research and the Jimmy V foundation.) This episode started with an inside look at the fallout from last week’s elimination. Wes was obviously emotional after losing Gia. He said, “it’s not personal, it’s a game.” I think he was trying to convince himself more than anybody else. He clearly fell head over heels for Gia, and I can’t wait ’til we all get back together at the finale to see how deep these feelings go and if they’re mutual. Wes’ feelings aside, he really went out on a limb to save Gia and that limb snapped in half. He was a man alone on an island all week, and despite his best efforts to help everybody remove their heads from their backsides and take down the power couples, his words fell on deaf ears and he was shown the door — or in this case the limo.

The competition this week was a tough one. I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers, but Tenley really outdid herself by crying not during or after but before she even filled out the survey. During the competition a couple things stood out to me. Elizabeth was voted most shallow. She took it like only Elizabeth can by stating she didn’t even know what shallow even means… huh? I loved that Krisily voted herself most shallow. Gwen easily took the biggest beating being voted the dumbest, while Natalie won the “always a bridesmaid” vote. This obviously hit a raw nerve with Natalie and sent her into an emotional tailspin. I know it was an emotional day, but can somebody please tell me why Elizabeth was bawling her eyes out? Sure, she was voted worst boob job in the house but come on, is that enough to send you into the bathroom for a breakdown? The biggest shock of the day was of all the people crying, Tenley wasn’t one of them. Kovacs did a solid job supporting and being there for Elizabeth; he then opened up and officially told Elizabeth he has feelings for her. It is my sincere hope that Elizabeth sees that she doesn’t have to threaten or blackmail a guy for him to show her he has feelings for her. Tenley won the challenge and in the shocker of all shockers she took Kiptyn on the date. It’s funny how you just see people and you really hope they end up together. This is not to put undue pressure on them, but I know you all agree they just seem perfect together.

While Tenley and Kiptyn had amazing chemistry, Jesse B. and Peyton had, well… what’s the opposite of chemistry? As I mentioned I was with Peyton and Jesse B. in North Carolina last weekend, and she was still making fun of what a knuckle dragging Neanderthal he was on this date. Did he really burp in her face, really? The good news is that took a lot of the attention away from when he picked her nose. Jesse was so bad on his date with Peyton I’m going to give her a pass on the “Pearl Harbor” comment when they were on the plane ride. I’m guessing she knows there were no biplanes at Pearl Harbor. But had there been, Ben Affleck would have flown them like a champ. I think Dave summed up this date best when he said Peyton and Jesse B don’t mix, like champagne and vodka. As I said above, Wes did his best to stir things up enough to break up the couples and get Kovacs sent home. He almost pulled it off but then the boys pulled one over on Krisily. They played that girl like Wes plays the guitar. Well, like that but better. She had her guard up at every rose ceremony, but Dave actually got her to believe she was safe. Just in time to stab her right in the back and send her home. The “power couples” went to bed that night feeling pretty good about themselves, but as you saw in the previews for next week everything is about to change. There are three more women than men. I warned all of them that at some point the numbers would be evened: That time is next week! Keep the comments coming, and as always you can get a hold of me on facebook and via twitter @chrisbharrison.

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