By Kerrie Mitchell
Updated August 31, 2010 at 09:45 PM EDT

Image Credit: Ingo Arndt/Minden Pictures/Getty ImagesHere’s something that’s been freaking me out: A story was circulating today about a possible bedbug infestation at a Toronto Film Festival screening site. (A pest control company later checked it out and confirmed that the report was actually a false alarm.) I can’t tell if the flurry of bedbug stories I’ve been reading recently is just the latest news panic or an epidemic that really is exploding, but as a mild hypochondriac who lives in the nation’s most-infested city (go New York!), the bedbug scare is really starting to hit me where it hurts. Basically, I’m starting to think twice about movie-theater seats. Among the recent high-profile bedbug victims in NYC was a 25-screen movie theater in Times Square. The Daily News even had a report about how movie theater seats could actually be an excellent vector for spreading the little bloodsuckers because you’re basically a captive host sitting on a fabric seat for two hours while they hitch a ride. So my question: Has anyone actually stopped going to the movies because of bedbug fears? Has it come to that yet?