By Darren Franich
August 30, 2010 at 04:00 PM EDT

This year’s Emmy Awards ceremony was broadcast live from Bizarro-Hollywood, a magical wonderland where an adorable  university professor can get more screen time than the entire cast of Lost. All is not well, however, in Bizarro-Hollywood: a confusing teaser shot for the ‘In Memoriam’ montage featured a picture that looked shockingly like a young Fred Savage. It was actually Corey Haim, but the Internet loves death rumors more than cute cats and porn, so the “Fred Savage is dead” gossip spread within seconds.

Savage himself tweeted from the Hollywood Bowl last night: “Yacht, Chromeoan [sic] and Chemical Brothers. My first techno show kicks ass!!” So unless heaven has an awesome soundtrack, we can deduce that the elder Savage is still alive. But maybe this death rumor is a blessing in disguise?

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