August 30, 2010 at 07:30 PM EDT

There was a whole lotta good TV on last night (The Emmys, True Blood, Mad Men), but I still made time for my favorite little slice of reality TV spongecake, E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And I’m glad that I did, because last night was not only an enjoyable episode, but it taught me several valuable lessons. Here are the three things I learned from my quality time last night with the Kardashian family…

  1. Kim is really turned off by body hair…and Gerard Butler. Momager, Kris, decides to set Kim up on a date and then asks her, “How about Gerard Butler?” Kim’s harsh (but kinda genius) response is: “How about barf?” Mean but fair, Kim. (Then again, maybe she was slyly telling her mother that her dream man was someone like John Candy’s Barf in Spaceballs? Or maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I’m getting weird?) Instead, Kim decides she needs an Armenian man like her father, but tells her mother he can’t be too hairy. (Well, I guess that rules out Barf.) Says Kim, “Laser hair removal is a necessity.” Cut to our next lesson…
  2. The Kardashian sisters are very encouraging. In an eerily appropriate following segment, Kim invites Khloe to have her first-ever laser hair removal procedure. Most stars probably wouldn’t want cameras around detailing this procedure, but the Kardashian gals are special…and apparently very hirsute. Anyways, back to the lesson at hand: While Khloe is being zapped, Kim lovingly says, “Khloe, you have a better-looking vagina than I thought.” There you go: sisterly encouragement! That’s really important amongst family members.
  3. Bruce Jenner has a gold medal in fixing toilets. Not only is stepdad Jenner an ace athlete, but when the girls need a handyman at their boutique Dash, the former Olympian is also a wiz at fixing the old porcelain throne. He also gave Khloe some dusting tips. Take notes, Evan Lysacek!

Now that all that silly learning is over, here’s a special treat for you Kardashian fans: footage from our shoot with the girls. Pick up the latest EW to read Jeff Jensen’s feature on the business of being a Kardashian on newsstands now!

What did you think of last night’s Kardashians, PopWatchers? Did you find it similarly educational?

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