By Ken Tucker
August 30, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

To anyone who placed bets based on my Emmy Awards choices for “who will win,” I offer a half-apology: of the 12 categories on my ballot yesterday, I was correct in only six. I foresaw the victories of Modern Family, Jane Lynch, Jon Stewart, Edie Falco, Jim Parsons, and Temple Grandin.

But I — and you — have a lot to be happy about anyway:

• How great that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston won acting awards for my favorite TV series of the year thus far, Breaking Bad.

• How wonderful that quality triumphed over controversy, as Jon Stewart’s sterling season of political humor won out over Conan O’Brien. Conan: Really looking forward to see your new show, sir, but you have to admit — Stewart deserved the win.

• How fantastic that the best TV-movie most of you never saw, Temple Grandin, won so many awards. You can read my colleague Jennifer Armstrong’s spot-on review of it here, and you can get the movie on DVD now.

• How good was Jimmy Fallon? I thought he was very good. His opening production number, featuring everyone from the cast of Glee to Kate Gosselin, was both funny and a model of open-mindedness, his solo music parodies were clever, and he kept the show moving, and (a rarity) the production ended on time.

• My single, big complaint: WHERE WERE THE AWARDS FOR FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS??? Come on, Emmy voters!!!

All in all, a terrific Emmy Awards show.

Next year, I promise to do better than bat .500 in my predictions. Maybe I’ll do something obvious, like support who I think should win.

What did you think of the Emmys’ choice of winners, and the show?

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