By Mandi Bierly
Updated July 30, 2020 at 05:26 PM EDT

Sylvester Stallone is moving forward with plotting a sequel to The Expendables, which has now grossed an estimated $82 million domestically. According to his Twitter page*, he’s busy thinking of the most dangerous places to set the film and trying to talk Bruce Willis into playing its super villain. Reasons why Bruce should say yes:

1. The Expendables ($35 million) outperformed 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard in its opening weekend ($33 million), and Live Free or Die Hard was Willis’ best live-action, non-cameo opening weekend since 1998’s Armageddon ($36 million). Moral: Audiences like to see Bruce Willis blow sh– up, and Stallone will most definitely hand him a detonator (or 20).

2. As much as we like the young guns in The Expendables, there was a different kind of electricity when Stallone and Willis shared the screen. They are equals. And that makes for a good antagonist.

3. We’ve already established that Bruce’s character in the Expendables world is bald. We like him bald.

4. We’ve been trained to root for Bruce in action films. Having to root against him — interesting.

5. If this kind of ensemble movie doesn’t live up to expectations, fans will be disappointed (see: 2004’s Ocean’s Twelve), but we will get over it(see: George Clooney’s career since then). You’ve really got nothing to lose. Have fun, Bruce. Go play with Sly in some jungle.

Feel free to add to the list below.

* Sly’s follow list is the world’s eighth wonder: In addition to Harry Knowles, Steve Austin, Jon Favreau, and Bill O’Reilly (all understandable), there’s Howie Mandel and Kim Kardashian.

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