By Margaret Lyons
August 27, 2010 at 05:45 PM EDT

True Blood is heading into its penultimate episode of the season this Sunday — and remember, no new ep airs on Labor Day, so this is it until the Sept. 12 finale. It’s been sort of up and down for me, with the fun and titillation of the Sookie/Eric/Bill love triangle tragically diluted with way too many other stories. Yep, I’m looking at you, dogfighting. And werepanthers. Give me more Jessica and Hoyt! Give me so much less Wiccan lady.

At least parts of these trailers look promising:

This is pathetically pedantic, but: Were people named Russell 3,000 years ago? Not that I can find. Anyway, Russell vs. Eric I like, but because family vengeance is interesting; vampire politics just do not make sense at all.

Your turn, Jason:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Are there any women on this show who haven’t been subject to sexual violence?

Next up, Sam:

Oh, Sam. I want to care about you. But oy, everyone on this show has killed someone. Get over it! Go be a dog or whatever! I miss sympathetic, interesting Sam. (I wish we got to see a bit more of Terry, because he’s one of the few characters whose backstory seems actually to influence his, er, front story.)

Also, just as long as I’m airing grievances: Rene died at the end of season one. How pregnant is Arlene? Three months? Four months, tops? The whole second and third season have occurred over the span of a few weeks? Why the condensed timeline? And why hasn’t anyone had a straight-up freakout? Something like, “In the last few months, everyone in our town has killed someone and had an impressive number of sexual partners; we’ve become a major hotspot in an illegal drug trade. Our townsfolk became sorta zombified and all had an orgy, until we killed that mythical beast woman. Hey, speaking of mythical beasts, how many kinds of mythical beasts live in our town? Vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, werepanthers, fairies — who am I leaving off my supernatural census? Anyway, I really need to take a g-d vacation and get out of Bon Temps for a while. Who is coming with me?” Nope, no one has said that.

I’m still excited for the final two episodes, though, because once True Blood kicks into action mode, it’s unstoppably fun. But I can’t be the only True Blood fan with gripes, right? Let me hear ’em, PopWatchers: What’s getting your fangs in a bunch this season?