Recently, Taylor Swift told EW that the first single, “Mine,” off her forth coming album Speak Now was about her “tendency to run from love.” But she added this caveat: “This song is sort of about finding the exception to that.” Special! Now that the video has been released—it hit the Internets just this evening!—we fully understand what she meant: This is a love song that actually seems to have a happy ending. (Novel for a country song!) In the video, which you can watch after the jump, Taylor tells a story—a big, ol’ lovey one, of course. (This girl loves a narrative music video.) In this case, it’s pretty simple: Girl meets boy; girl and boy fall for each other; boy proposes to girl in a boat on a lake (totally not a cliché!); girl accepts the glittery ring; boy and girl fight and head toward breakup; and, the big twist: boy and girl reconcile! Babies splash on the beach and in the bed. It’s actually rather sweet and, as usual, Taylor looks amazing and controlled and way beyond her 20 years in the video. It’s sure to be a hit with the kiddos! Watch “Mine” here:

See what I mean? Doesn’t this make you go “Awww” sorta? There’s a bad valley, but then it ends in goodness. Heartwarming, right? I’d say so. But what do you think, readers? Are you a fan of “Mine”? Are you buying her happy love story?

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