Image Credit: Glenn Harris/PR PhotosOscar-winning director-writer-producer-actor Quentin Tarantino will be tenderly roasted at a very classy Friars Club Roast that probably won’t go to the trouble of creating a creepy sculpture 17 times the size of him, like Comedy Central did for David Hasselhoff. Samuel L. Jackson will be “Roastmaster” for the event to be held Friday, Oct. 1 at the New York Hilton.

Other guests: Kathy Griffin, Pam Grier, Neve Campbell, Michael Madsen, Eli Roth, Patricia Arquette, Rob Schneider, Uma Thurman, Harvey Weinstein, Sarah Silverman, Rosario Dawson, Bob Weinstein, Michelle Rodriguez, and more! Maybe you, if you crash it! They’ll probably let anyone with a Vincent Vega wig in. Who are these “friars” to say you are not John Travolta? Oh my God. Are you John Travolta? [PRNewswire]

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