By Tanner Stransky
Updated August 27, 2010 at 04:06 PM EDT
Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Image Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty ImagesCue the cloud of cotton candy! Summer siren Katy Perry showed up in Rockefeller Plaza this morning to razzle and dazzle Today show audiences with her candy-coated songs “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream”—and yes, she was indeed unveiled lying upon on a puff of cotton candy, of course. (No cream-spewing breasts, though!) She quickly hopped off while belting her summer anthem “California Gurls,” which was strong and rather perfect for this nearing-the-end-of-summer Friday. Next up was a stellar rendition of “Teenage Dream”—a song that I just can’t seem to play enough, so it was a welcome one, too. (Seriously, does this song not make you wistful for days gone by? I’m a sap, it’s true.) She capped her show with a slowed-down redux of her original hit “I Kissed A Girl.” And I have to say: Well played, Katy. For all the chatter about her singing chops, she certainly held her own on stage. (Much stronger than Ke$ha on the Today stage a couple weeks back.) But you be the judge about how she did, and check out the videos from today’s Today show performance of “California Gurls” here:

Whaddaya say, Music Mixers? Did you watch? Love or loathe Katy’s Today show performances?

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