August 26, 2010 at 09:15 PM EDT

Three days ’til the Emmys! It’s time to let us know who you think most deserves the Outstanding Supporting Actor awards in the polls below. Pretend you’re an Academy of Television Arts and Sciences voter — you do totally have that look. (Or, if the choices strike you as too terrible, go vote in’s third annual EWwy Awards — our super edgy alternative Emmys based on readers’ suggestions for who really deserves to win the trophy). Up tomorrow: Lead Actress categories.

Remember in Arrested Development when Buster Bluth proudly held up his Motherboy pageant award and proudly proclaimed “Saddest!”? In that image above, it looks like Locke’s campaigning for “Kindliest.”

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Image credit: AMC; Craig Blankenhorn/FX; AMC; Danny Feld/TNT; Mario Perez/ABC

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