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Image Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBCBetween takes of shooting the upcoming season of NBC’s The Office, Angela Kinsey — that’s Angela Martin on the show — took out a few minutes of her time to chat with EW. She tells us about what’s going on with Angela this season (“She’s determined to hold up her procreation contract with Dwight!”), how they’re going to cope with losing Steve Carell this year (“It’s bittersweet.”), and whether Angela cold be the person getting promoted to Regional Manager herself (“She would not be a good boss!”). The always-affable Kinsey also took the opportunity to talk about a few of the do-gooder things she’s working on, too: Both a PSA about sea turtles endangerment (awww! awww!) and a project with educational charity Publicolor that is very dear to this sympathetic, arts-focused mother. Read on for more about it all!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can fans look forward to with Angela this season?

ANGELA KINSEY: Angela Martin is determined to hold up her procreation contract with Dwight!

Is it because she wants to hold on to Dwight, or does she want a baby?

My personal interpretation is that Dwight is her sou lmate, and he always was. He froze her cat and her cats are her children, so for her it was like, how could you do this to me? Even though she dated Andy, she never stopped loving Dwight. I hope that they are on the road to forgiving each other for their mess-ups. I think that she still loves him, and he comes to her and says he wants to have a baby with her. It was just like all of those feelings are there for her, and she thinks this is her partner but now he is kind of distant and seeing other people.

So back to the contract and Angela’s enforcement of it?

I think that this new procreation contract is a way for them to reconnect and find their love again. I think she hopes that they will end up together and will want a family with him. She still has the same sort of basic wants, and those are to be happy and have a partner and have children. Even though it’s in this package, it’s all there.

Is there anything specific she does to try to uphold the contract this season?

She has a system for making sex appointments with him. That is kind of cracking me up already.

What else do you love about the coming season so far?

Michael will be developing a medical condition this season and, as a result of that, he has to seek out his former lovers. But as a result, we are going to see some great characters come back. I love Michael Scott in a relationship — he’s hilarious. I think it is going to be a great year for us. I think Michael Scott departing is going to make a great season and great TV for us.

How do you feel about that, doing the last season with him?

It’s bittersweet. I love Steve. He has become a friend and mentor to me. I will absolutely miss my friend, but at the same time, I am really excited for the show. We have this opportunity for a great demise: Does he get fired? Does he quit? How does he make his exit? I think that is going to make it a great season for Steve and us.

Do you think that they are going to promote somebody then?

They haven’t said anything to me yet. I think for one, we are an ensemble show, so there are characters that can rise up, or we can bring someone in. I have such faith in our writers, who are so talented. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with the show.

Do you think that there is any chance Angela would get promoted?

No, she would not be a good boss! If Dwight gets promoted, oh my gosh! We had one episode where he tried to overthrow Michael. I can totally see the power going to [Angela’s] head if he was the King. They would make an insane couple.

Do you think that Angela has a lot more years left on the show?

Characters like Angela Martin, we are the seasoning, the spice. We may not be your main course, because our characters are little bit of a train wreck, but I definitely think my character adds a unique voice to the show. She is that bitch in the corner. She is the voice of that group. She is a nice part of that mix.

Anything else you’re working on these days that people should know about?

I did a PSA for sea turtles and how they are endangered. They are these amazing gentle creatures that are historic. I cannot imagine a world in where I would take [my daughter] Isabel to the beach and there would be no sea turtles. I’m trying to do a lot of things that matter to me, especially with being a parent and a mom. Can I tell you about one other thing?

Of course!

I’ve been working with Publicolor and Post-It Notes. Publicolor is a local non-profit charity in Manhattan, and one of the things they do is they go into these public schools that don’t look so great. It’s hard for students to feel inspired when things look pretty drab and maybe don’t even respect where they are. They go in and paint the hallways and give the school a face-lift — bright colors, things that will make you want to go to school and have the kids feel like, “Hey this is a fun, active place I want to be.”

So how are you involved specifically?

Post-It Notes teamed up with them and they sponsored an art design contest. They asked the students one question, which was: “In 30 years, I will…” and students were to use Post-It Notes materials to make a mural. The two finalists this year, were two girls, they are going to be seniors in high school this year. They were flown out from Florida. They had their mural re-created huge — basically floor to ceiling in Grand Central. It’s there today, and I flew out for their unveiling and to give them their award. They were given award money. I told them that it has to go towards college.

Why is this cause so important to you?

I grew up overseas in Indonesia, and my school had a great art, music, and theatre program. And then we were transferred back to the U.S. when I started junior high. My public school did not have much — the arts program was lacking from where I had been, and I know a lot of the time schools get funding for sports and in America, I feel like we are not giving what we can to the art program and stuff like that, which is a real shame because I think that is what inspires kids. I think nurturing through creativity and arts and music just helps you see the world in a different perspective, and I think it helps you form a fully rounded person.

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