Image Credit: Michael Becker/FXThe Extreme Music label announced today that that it will release the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia soundtrack on September 1. The CD will feature 19 tracks. The bulk of those numbers, including the show’s smooth muzak theme tune “Temptation Sensation,” are performed by the Heinz Kiessling Orchestra. Having already today admitted my inability to speak Haitian Creole, I might as well ‘fess up that that I know precious little about either the apparently late Heinz Kiessling, or his orchestra. However, it seems Kiessling’s music was previously used to soundtrack German sex education shows. Fans of the bawdy It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will be aware of the appropriateness of that fact.

I’ve embedded the It’s Always Sunny… theme tune after the break. Will you be shelling out for the CD? And are you looking forward to the next season of the FX show (which returns September 16)?

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