August 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mitch Haddad/NBC; Barbara Zanon/Getty ImagesMaybe I’ve been watching soaps for too long, but the second I heard that Timothy Dalton was joining Chuck as a mystery man with ties to Chuck’s mom (a.k.a. Linda Hamilton), my mind immediately went here: James Bond is Chuck’s real father. Admit it, yours did too.

But is it true? Did 007 and Sarah Connor make a baby named Charles Irving Bartowski?

“Consider that theory squashed,” responds executive producer Josh Schwartz, who declined to reveal what connection Dalton’s character shares with Mama B. “We’ll only say that they’ve known each other for a long time.”

Landing Dalton is a major coup for Schwartz and fellow EP Chris Fedak. The actor—who allegedly turned down an offer to join the third season of Sons of Anarchy—hasn’t appeared on an American series in more than three decades (since a 1979 stint on Charlie’s Angels). How’d they manage to lure him back?

“With my charm and Fedak’s singing voice,” deadpans Schwartz. “That’s not true. We’re huge fans of Mr. Dalton, not only for being a badass Bond but for his comic work in Hot Fuzz and The Rocketeer.

“In truth,” Schwartz continues, “we’ve wanted to have him on the show since season 1. When we came up with this part, we thought he’d be perfect. So we sent him [some episodes], he dug it, and then we started talking.”

Dalton makes his first appearance in Chuck‘s seventh episode, titled “Chuck Versus the First Fight.”

Chuck‘s fourth season kicks off Monday, Sept. 20.

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