Image Credit: Rob Kim/Retna LtdDear John star Channing Tatum is making plans for a high school reunion, just not his own. Tatum will star in Ten Year, an ensemble drama about friends reuniting 10 years after their graduation, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Tatum has been working closely with writer-director Jamie Linden (Dear John, We Are Marshall) on the project, which he will also be producing. They hope to begin shooting in November.

No other actors have deals to appear in the film, but Linden’s script is being written with some specific people in mind. Tatum’s wife, Jenna Dewan, Anna Farris, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, and Scott Porter have all made the short list.

Now I’m not sure how I feel about the storyline (do we really need another high school reunion movie?), but I do know that’s one good looking cast. Again, no one else has been officially confirmed, but let’s just say that if these deals go through, I won’t be able to handle all the gorgeousness on one screen. My favorite on the list has to be Chris Pratt, but maybe I’m still just heartbroken over the gone but not forgotten Everwood. (Come on. You know you love and miss Bright Abbott.)

What do you think, PopWatchers? Does this project pique your interest?