Burn Notice wrapped up its summer season a bit of a cheat: The promised showdown between Michael and Jesse was more like a prolonging of their You burned me! spat, and this was one hour in which the client-of-the-week subplot was less entertaining than an excuse to burn off time until we reached the finale’s cliff-hanger.

Overall, it’s been a good season for Burn Notice — this, despite the fact that as the weeks wore on, Coby Bell’s acting seemed to become more wooden and obdurate with each installment. (He doesn’t do simmering anger with much variety.) But the series did a very good job of keeping Fiona, Sam, and even Madeline front-and-center and in the action.

Which is an accomplishment, given the various story strands the series has had to tie together. This week, we got a nice showdown between Michael and Robert Patrick’s Barrett. But not before Michael had to tackle the assignment to rescue a kidnapped little girl. This was cleverly done, and it’s always nice to see Michael Rooker looking menacing. But am I the only one who thought this hour was awfully heavy on Michael’s spy-guy ingenuity to create diversions that were excessively elaborate? Michael getting a mini submarine and outfitting an ordinary truck to look like a law enforcement van with such speediness was more funny than witty. And wit is what a good Burn Notice, especially one written by series creator Matt Nix, usually trades upon.

But the good stuff was good indeed. Having Jesse fire a bullet through Michael to kill the enemy behind our hero was neatly done on every level, as was the fiery crash that sent Barrett to his doom. We’ll have to wait until November to see who grabbed the briefcase containing the coded Bible that will help both Michael and Jesse (any guesses?).

What did you think of the summer finale? Did it make you eager to see how the rest of the season plays out?

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