August 26, 2010 at 08:40 PM EDT

NBC’s summer slushfest America’s Got Talent may be about oh-so-talented Americans (like that creepy white-faced guy), but last night went to the Aussies when that delicious dancefloor queen Kylie Minogue showed up to perform as the musical guest. And, here’s the essential part for you, dear readers: Kylie didn’t just perform any old thing — she performed “Get Outta My Way,” a jam that I think has the potential to be a late-summer/early-fall smash, if it can rumble up in radio play. (I’ve had the song on repeat since her new album hit in July. Literally, it has been played more than 1,000 times on all my Apple products. I just checked.)

Anyway, I wanted to alert you all to this song’s potential, so that you’ll be too-cool and in-the-know when it finally hits radio. That is, of course, if it does. Sigh. We all know that Kylie hasn’t had a true American smash outside of the gay community since “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” in 2001. (Could the two songs’ titles similarity — “Outta” and “Out of” — help? Please? Maybe?) Give it a try here, in her first live American performance of the track:

What’d you think? Dying for it? Not impressed? I can’t get enough of her staging and hottie dancers. C’mon, let’s help make “Get Outta My Way” happen. It deserves some love!

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