Apple is poised to announce a 99-cent TV rental service in September, according to Bloomberg. (An Apple rep declined to comment for this story.) The hypothetical rented show would be yours for 48 hours, and available within 24 hours of air.

Given how many shows are already available in free, legal online versions, what’s the special draw here? Timeliness. You get home after a long day, only to discover your DVR didn’t record your precious new Bones episode — because it recorded some marathon of some other show you shamefully added once upon a time. (Curse you, Say Yes to the Dress. Curse you.) Would you shell out a buck to watch the show you’d been looking forward to all week? I sure as hell would — if I could watch it right then. Night-of availability is the holy grail of Internet-released shows.

Does 99 cents sound about right to you, PopWatchers? It’s only a dollar less than iTunes currently charges for an episode of a show, but it somehow feels a lot cheaper — right? What would entice you to digitally rent a show?