By Lynette Rice
August 25, 2010 at 03:27 PM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSThe Apprentice has made a franchise out of featuring (C-level) celebrities, so why can’t The Amazing Race?  Host Phil Keoghan certainly sees a potential.

“I would love to have a celebrity version,” Keoghan told EW. “If every celebrity who has told me they liked the show signed up and was a part of it, that would be huge. I know Sarah Jessica Parker is a big fan of the show, and I heard Drew Barrymore likes the show, and Neil Patrick Harris likes the show. I just don’t know if they realize what [in store]. That would be the thing, whether they could cope. I don’t know, it would be fun.”

Keoghan says there have been talks about featuring a Hollywood edition but the realities of celebrity life make the possibility daunting. Though the show has hosted someone from Tinseltown before – actor-screenwriter-director Mike White (School of Rock) participated last year – its a far different situation when it involves busy actors. “The question that always comes up is would we be able to get them out of their schedule,” explains Keoghan. “They say they want to do it, but the reality is would their schedule allow for it, and would they really be able to put up with the schedule itself. It’s very different than anything else that’s shot, like a movie set. We sort of have to adhere to the rules of the world as opposed to creating our own rules on a set or in a studio. We are beholden to what happens in the real world. That makes it really tough.”

Season 17 of The Amazing Race kicks off Sept. 26. The seven-time Emmy winner will once again vie for the Outstanding Reality prize at this Sunday’s ceremony on NBC. – With reporting from Nicholas White

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