By Kate Ward
Updated August 25, 2010 at 05:26 PM EDT

Though Lindsay Lohan checked out of rehab early Tuesday evening, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled today that the actress receive outpatient care. Judge Elden S. Fox’s order requires that Lohan undergo psychotherapy, counseling for addiction, and random drug and alcohol tests at least twice a week. Fox also tossed out two drug counts on the actress’ record — Lohan had pleaded guilty to the charges in 2007 — and ordered that she be taken off supervised probation if she attends all her outpatient sessions and passes all drug tests.

The ruling allows Lohan to continue work promoting and making feature films. (Her upcoming movie, Machete, heads to theaters Sept. 3.) Lohan’s lawyer told the Associated Press that the actress plans to comply with the ruling. “She has changed,” Shawn Chapman Holley told the AP. “She’s healthy. She’s clear-headed. She is positive at looking forward.” Lohan was not present at the hearing.

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