Warning: It is Wednesday morning! At any second, your boss could stroll by your office/cubicle/cell searching for that tell-tale look of mid-week ennui that signals you’re not quite overworked enough, that there’s room for one more little project on your desk. And won’t it be an exciting opportunity for you to tackle another gargantuan deadline between now and Friday? No? Okay, well, then you’d better bridge the gap between this moment and your hotly anticipated lunch break with an activity engaging enough to keep you looking alert and focused. You could Google your ten least favorite former coworkers/classmates to search for signs of their unending misery. You could brainstorm new ways to inexplicably blow $10 at the same three lunch joints you feel like you’ve been frequenting for all eternity. Or you could click here to watch the saucy, 42-minute set Katy Perry performed on the Late Show with David Letterman last night in celebration of the release of her new CD, Teenage Dream. Just don’t accidentally burst out the chorus on “Hot ‘N Cold.” The boss might not approve.

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