Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Image Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBCEventually you can just write all the TV shows, too! And movies! What a fun, sexy time for everyone. 2010 Emmys host Jimmy Fallon needs intros for 15 of the celebrity presenters on Sunday’s NBC telecast. Here’s the complete list of presenters. If yours is chosen, he’ll say your Twitter handle out loud! This could also be a good opportunity to come up with ridiculous Twitter handles.

Fallon told the Associated Press that “Blahblahblah says Jon Hamm is the hottest guy of all time. Here he is — Jon Hamm” is an example of a tweet he’d read on national TV. You can surely beat that. Here, I’ll start. “He’s toasted! Jon Hamm. #imontheemmys.” Again, you can do better.

If Twitter suddenly tidal waves from all the excitement, NBC could just scrap the whole outsourcing idea altogether and go with original musical intros. Tina Fey would get Bob Seger to record “Night Cheese,” Joel McHale would get a zippy Richard X remix of “Donka Doo Ball,” and so on. There is totally enough time for that.

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