Image Credit: Mark Doyle/Splash NewsDespite the fact that his movie boasts a Talking Heads-related title, Sean Penn in the upcoming This Must Be the Place appears to be channeling a different band altogether. The drain-clog hairdo and lipsticked-pout makes Penn look, possibly intentionally, like pop gothster Robert Smith of The Cure, which is kind of awesome. Maybe this is going to be a Last Days-esque bit of pseudo rock biography.

Actually, probably not. The plot of the movie revolves around Penn’s aging former rock star and his search for the ex-Nazi war criminal that killed his father. Wha-? Well, the writer/director is the man who did the wonderful Italian political drama Il Divo — which is based on a real-life figure — so this might turn out pretty well. And for my own personal taste, I tend prefer the Sean Penn who can disappear entirely into a role (See: Sweet and Lowdown, Carlito’s Way, Milk) over the consummate brooder (See: Mystic River, 21 Grams).

What do you think, WatchPoppers? Do you agree that Penn looks like he’s about to take on Mecha-Streisand? Anyone else you think he resembles? A slightly wilder Tim Burton, perhaps?