By Emily Exton
Updated August 24, 2010 at 10:02 PM EDT

So what if Danielle Staub was really fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey? That’s not going to stop the world from hearing the song that’s in her heart. Who cares about a reality show when you’ve got a dance remix? You may have thought things were getting weird when we watched Danielle perform her debut single “Real Close” with “lesbian superstar Lori Michaels” on Watch What Happens: Live, but that was before the hair pull, the lawsuit, Kim G., “square tit,” “proverbial,” “woman,” and “clown.” After being called garbage (again) on last night’s finale, today, Danielle just wants to dance. Lucky for us, the Morning Show Gods gave her some airtime. Watch Danielle, Lori, and dancers perform “Real Close (Dance Remix)” below:

At least she’s committed (though not in the way you might have hoped). And yes, they’re wearing “Danielle’s Mafia” tank tops, but wouldn’t it be better if Danny and He Who Doesn’t Speak were the backup dancers? (They are a part of Big D’s mafia). Will this remix be blasting through speakers at clubs around New York in a month’s time? How long until Bravo announces the premiere date for Danielle Attempting a Singing Career?

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