Image Credit: Miss Universe OrganizationCongratulations to Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete, the winner of Miss Universe 2010, and to host Natalie Morales for speaking to her in Spanish! Isn’t she lovely? Now get thee to the after-party! Other host Bret Michaels: “I’m glad they’re taping this, because I’m not going to remember any of it.” Olé.

It’s important, though, to recognize the night’s complete range of talents. The introductions featured 83 contestants and then…poof! Within moments, only 15 were left. So if you were a smart cookie (who is never allowed to eat a cookie), you knew that a sultry open-mouth gasp was the best way to make your mark and appear on’s PopWatch the next day. Below, a tribute to the fallen heroes, in ascending order of ridiculousness.

Italy will cut you.


I’m having so much fun because I’m from Bolivia.

Would you look at this hat? What is with my hat?!

Greetings from Uruguay

Wake me up from this sex dream I’m having about special guest judge Evan Lysacek.

Well, I guess I’ll participate. Might as well!


Bret Michaels, you’re next.

Oh, well I never. Was there ever a cat so clever as magical Miss Guyana?

There she is.

I had to include this; it was just so unfortunate.

Did the right one win?

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