August 24, 2010 at 01:49 PM EDT

Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced former governor of Illinois and current camera ham, visited the Daily Show last night to discuss last Tuesday’s verdict that found him guilty on a single count of lying to federal agents while remaining hung on the other 23 counts (video embedded below). Blagojevich had apparently been rehearsing his opening line in the green room because even his hair looked eager when he happily pronounced “23 down, and one to go!” Crickets.

Has there ever been a subject of a scandal that seems to be having so much fun? He treats these talk show appearances as if they were invitations to pizza parties, rather than repeated chances for the audience to smirk at another jackass politician.

In describing the fallout from the 2008 indictment, Blagojevich told Stewart that “before I could catch my breath everybody thought I was a scumbag around the world.” (Solidified by the fact that once his lungs were back to working properly, he gleefully offered himself up as a reality TV buffoon.) Stewart went pretty easy on the guy — no fun kicking a grinning marshmallow — even as he pushed Blagojevich to explain why he refused to take the stand in his own defense. “You were going here there everywhere saying just let me at it, just let clear my name, I can’t wait to testify.” Blagojevich didn’t really give a proper answer to that one, but looked intrigued when Stewart compared him to a Dickens character. Maybe he could work that angle with his film agent? “Do you promise to take the stand the next time you’re indicted?” Stewart pleaded. “You’re either the victim of a terrible persecution thing or you’re a sociopath.” I’ll stick with scumbag.

Isn’t it time we all just said Bye Bye Blagojevich? Would the guy be less intolerable if he got a proper haircut?

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