If, for whatever reason, Charlie Day doesn’t become the Hollywood superstar he so deserves to be, he could easily get a job in advertising. Because, boy, can the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star sell me anything. Kitton Mittons (Why does FX only offer shirts, and not Kitton Mittons themselves?!), a script about a crime-fighting dog played by Dolph Lundgren, and, now, his upcoming movie Going the Distance. (So, I suppose, Vulture, my answer is, yes.)

In the most recent trailer for the film, which is jetting to theaters Sept. 2, Day gets more screen time…as does the rest of the film’s cast. In fact, mere shots of Rob Riggle, Christina Applegate, Jim Gaffigan, Jason Sudeikis, and Mike Birbiglia in the trailer make me realize how much I’m more pumped about Distance‘s supporting cast than its stars. (Especially since Day reportedly steals the movie from its more famous headliners.) And that’s even considering the undeniable cuteness of Drew Barrymore-Justin Long. And the fact that Sudeikis’ mustache might make me momentarily think I stepped into a screening of Twilight.

So, as you sit eating your hot pockets and cans of cat food, tell us: Who are you most excited to see in Distance? Watch the trailer after the jump, then vote in our poll!

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