By Archana Ram
Updated August 24, 2010 at 05:40 PM EDT

Fantasia Barrino appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today for her first interview following her Aug. 9 suicide attempt, when she overdosed on aspirin and sleeping aids. The American Idol winner bears all in the interview, confessing that “was tired of people doing [her] wrong constantly,” referring to the barrage of negative press recently thrown at her personal and professional lives.

In the interview, a tearful Barrino admits that she suffers from trust issues and loneliness, and goes on to discuss the toll the alleged affair she had with Antwaun Cook — a married North Carolina man — had on her. Check out the interview:

In the vast spectrum of celebrity sit-downs, this one seems different. The singer’s willingness to discuss her mistakes and personal demons is refreshing — especially when you consider other celeb sit-downs — but what do you think about the interview? Does Fantasia earn your respect? Does it make you more inclined to watch her VH1 special?